What Is X-Rated Fusion Liqueur?

A Guide to Buying and Using X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

X-Rated Fusion Liqueurs
Gruppo Campari

Sweet and sexy, X-Rated Fusion is a fantastic way to add the taste of tropical fruits to your favorite cocktails. The pink liqueur is made with premium French vodka and the captivating flavors of blood orange, mango, and passion fruit. It pairs perfectly with fruity vodkas, tequilas, and sparkling wines. A second bottle called X-Tropix is bright yellow and flavored with pineapple and coconut. Whether it's a romantic occasion or ladies' night in, there's no doubt you will love mixing with X-Rated Fusion.

Fast Facts

  • Ingredients: Vodka, blood orange, mango, passion fruit
  • Proof: 34 
  • ABV: 17%
  • Calories per 1 1/2-ounce shot: 155
  • Origin: Italy
  • Taste: Sweet, tropical fruit
  • Serve: on the rocks, cocktails, shots

What Is X-Rated Fusion Liqueur Made From?

X-Rated Fusion is a fruity liqueur launched in 2004 and released to the U.S. market in 2006. As is common in proprietary liqueurs, the full details of its production are not revealed. It's also likely that some aspects have changed over the years.

This pink liqueur has a base of premium vodka distilled from French wheat. That vodka is then infused with Provence blood orange, mango, and passion fruit, and there's likely some sweetener added. X-Rated Fusion is bottled at 17 percent alcohol by volume (ABV, 34 proof) and is apparently gluten-free.

According to the bottle, X-Rated Fusion is produced in Italy. In 2007, the brand was purchased by Gruppo Campari, the company that makes Campari and owns many other well-known brands of liquor, including Skyy Vodka and Grand Marnier.

What Does X-Rated Fusion Taste Like?

The sweet aroma of mango, berry, and melon is seductive but almost overbearing, though reminiscent of a field of new apple blossoms after a light rain. The thick liqueur has a strong mango palate with a sweet blood orange bite and a long-lasting, delectable aftertaste.


In 2013, X-Rated expanded its flavor offerings. While a bottle called Peach Blush has apparently been discontinued, X-Tropix is still produced. It is just as delicious as the original liqueur and a fun addition to a variety of drinks.

  • X-Tropix is a blend of pineapple and coconut with the same French vodka base. It has about half the calories of X-Rated Fusion, with 81 calories per 1 1/2-ounce serving. Add this one to your favorite frozen cocktail or pair it with rum for a quick and unique take on the Piña Colada. For a simple drink, mix two ounces of X-Tropix with one ounce of coconut water and two ounces of club soda over ice.

How to Drink X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

As with many liqueurs, X-Rated Fusion is thick and sweet. Rather than drinking it straight, it's best when diluted. Shake it with ice and strain it over fresh ice or serve it on the rocks with a clear soda such as ginger ale or lemon-lime soda.

X-Rated Fusion is a spectacular mixer and truly shines in cocktails. It mixes well with fruit-flavored vodkas, blanco tequila, and white rum. Sparkling wine brings the liqueur's tropical flavors to life, and you really don't need to add anything else. Pair X-Rated Fusion with tropical fruits like mango, papaya, and pineapple; it's also nice with raspberries and strawberries.

Cocktail Recipes

X-Rated Fusion can find a home in a variety of cocktails. You will have a ton of fun mixing this liqueur in everything from frozen cocktails to simple mixed drinks and martinis.

Where to Buy

X-Rated Fusion is a popular liqueur, and it's rather easy to find at well-stocked liquor stores. You'll also spot it in many bars, and asking a bartender to mix up a drink with the liqueur is a good way to explore its flavor potential for your homemade cocktails. X-Tropix may be a little more difficult to find, but it also enjoys wide distribution. Both liqueurs are moderately priced and equivalent to other premium liqueurs.