Zyr Russian Vodka Review

Zyr Russian Vodka

Photo from Zyr Russian Vodka

Zyr Vodka is a Russian grain-based vodka that is one of the smoothest spirits you will have the pleasure to taste. It is one that vodka connoisseurs can appreciate to the fullest and it makes amazing cocktails. If you're looking for a vodka that can be enjoyed straight, just like the world's finest whiskeys, this is an excellent choice.

The Making of Zyr

Zyr Vodka was released in 2003. Its production is based on a 9-5-3 formula: nine filtrations, five distillations, and three tastings. The goal of the process is to ensure consistent, pure quality in every bottle and it seems to work because this is an impressive vodka.

The vodka uses winter wheat and rye that is grown near Moscow. The fermented grains are distilled five times then combined with water. The water comes from northwestern Russia, near the border with Finland, and is filtered five times before it touches the distillate.

Once the distillate and water are married, the vodka is filtered four times through birch charcoal. Between the water and vodka filtering, the finished vodka is left with virtually no impurities to disrupt the taste. Where some vodkas that promote this much filtration leave some undesirable qualities, Zyr does not. 

The three-stage tasting process is also quite interesting. Not only is the finished vodka tasted for quality before it's bottled, but the undiluted distillate and the water are also sampled to ensure everything is on the right track during the process. Other distillers may take these steps as well, though some simply test the chemistry of the liquids to ensure they are within standard targets.

Zyr is bottled at 40 percent alcohol by volume (80 proof).

Tasting Notes

Zyr holds the aroma of clean, freshly cut grain. The entry is superiorly smooth and leads to a pristine palate that continues to display the grain. Overall, the vodka's taste has a very earthy nuance and relatively no medicinal notes. It finishes short and clean with an ever-so-slight sweetness.

Mixing With Zyr

Zyr is versatile enough to drink however you choose. The bottle recommends it neat and because this vodka is so smooth and earthy, it's a great suggestion. The thick glass of the bottle helps the vodka chill quickly after just a few minutes in the freezer.

You really cannot go wrong pouring this vodka into cocktails, either. If you're looking for one of the smoothest vodka martinis, Zyr is a great choice. It will also enhance any of your favorite vodka cocktails, turning the average drink into a spectacular one.

It would be best to reserve Zyr for fancier vodka recipes that feature lightly flavored ingredients. It is in these drinks that the impurities of other vodkas may not be covered up, but there's nothing to disguise in this one. 

Zyr is definitely a vodka to pair with a premium tonic for one of the cleanest vodka tonics you can mix up. Serve it alongside any meal and it will enhance whatever food is on the table. It's also an excellent choice for simple martinis like the in and out lemontini, ginger martini, and tea-tini.

You will find Zyr to be an excellent base for complex, modern cocktails with a culinary flair. The fresh peas and tarragon in the green giant and the figs, cranberries, and Prosecco of the figgy sparkler are two examples where a boost of Zyr is worth it.

While it may be too pricey to use while you're developing new recipes, once you get one perfected, try it with Zyr. It should be a nice upgrade that shows off your creation.

A Premium Price

Zyr comes at a reasonable price for the quality it offers. It is classified as premium vodka, a category that typically sells for $40 or more, but it is rather easy to find a 750ml bottle of Zyr for around $30.

That may be a little steep for your average happy hour drink. However, it's great for your specialty cocktails and the smooth taste rivals—if not outshines—many of its competitors in the same price range.

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