Thai Fish Recipes: World's Best!

Top fish recipes from the Thai kitchen

If you like eating fish, you're going to love these flavorful Thai fish recipes. Whether you're frying, baking, or grilling, you'll find the perfect recipe for your fish right here!

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    Pan-Seared Salmon with Special Thai Sauce - Exquisite!
    Pan-Seared Salmon with Special Thai Sauce - Exquisite!. D.Schmidt for

    Learn how to pan-fry salmon simply and easily, searing in the flavors and omega-3 goodness of the fish. What makes this recipe so special is the tangy Thai lemongrass-honey sauce that marries so perfectly with salmon's natural flavors. An extremely delicious recipe that can be made in under 30 minutes!  Great for an everyday dinner entree that even your kids will love.


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    Thai Orange Soup

    This beautiful soup is similar to hot & sour soup, but better! In Thai, it's known as "Geng Som Pla" - which actually means Orange Fish Curry" - an ancient recipe from the Central Plains region of Thailand. It is a fiery-hot soup with both sour and sweet overtones that make for a lively combination, especially when paired with your choice of fish and/or seafood.

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    Fish in Banana Leaf
    Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt, 12/15/08

    You'll love this tender and wonderful-tasting Thai-style baked fish! Slathered in a fragrant basil curry sauce, the fish is then wrapped in banana leaves (or tin foil/parchment paper) and baked in the oven. Coconut rice makes an excellent optional accompaniment (recipe included), or serve with regular rice or potatoes. Nearly any type of fish will work in this recipe, including salmon, red snapper, cod, sole, etc...) An easy and healthy fish recipe that's also fun to make and the taste...MORE is truly gourmet. Enjoy!

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    Fantastic (and Easy) Fish Curry!
    Fantastic (and Easy) Fish Curry!. D.Schmidt

    This fish curry tastes so delectable, you won't believe how fast and easy it is - ready in just 20 minutes! Fillets of fish (any type, fresh or frozen) are simmered in a rich Thai curry sauce. Includes vegetables for a healthy one-pot dish. Like all curries, this fish curry makes excellent leftovers as well as hot lunches to take to work. A nice dish any time of year, but particularly warming during cool weather. And it's ready in just 20 minutes!

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    Thai Fish Cakes
    Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt, 04/14/10

    These classic Thai fish cakes are surprisingly easy to make and are excellent served with rice and a special side sauce (included with recipe).  If you like true Thai flavors, you'll love these flavorful fish cakes!

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    Thai Whole Baked Fish
    Copyright D.Schmidt

    While fresh whole fish is usually grilled outdoors in Thailand, here in North America we often have to come up with alternate cooking methods owing to weather conditions. To accommodate both indoor and outdoor methods here's a fish recipe that can either be baked/broiled indoors, OR barbecued outside. Either way, this fish is spectacular looking AND tasting! A variety of fish can be used in this recipe, including red snapper, gray mullet, rainbow trout, or tilapia. If you prefer a more...MORE authentic approach, bake your fish in banana leaves instead of tin foil. ENJOY!

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    Thai Coconut Fish
    Exquisite Thai Coconut Fish!, Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt

    If you're a fish fan, you'll love Thai Coconut Fish! This dish requires a little extra time for prep, but the actual cooking is very fast and easy. Any type of white-fleshed fish fillet or steak may be used, including halibut, snapper, tilapia, bass, cod, sole, etc...

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    Thai Whole Fish
    Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt

    This excellent recipe for whole fish can either be fried or grilled (the one pictured here was fried). In Thailand, small whole fish are used for this dish, so I usually use either a few rainbow trout (one per person) or whole snapper - in both cases, the taste is just as I remember it from the beaches of Thailand. Simply marinate the fish in fish sauce, then fry or grill it (instructions for both methods included). Pour a special Thai sauce over top, and serve - Mmmmm...!!

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    Easy Baked Salmon with Black Bean Sauce
    Easy Baked Salmon with Black Bean Sauce. D.Schmidt

    This Chinese-inspired baked salmon is gourmet-delicious, yet extremely easy to make. You'll love how the rich-tasting black bean sauce enhances the exquisite flavor of the salmon. This baked fish recipe also works with other types of fish, such as cod, sole, snapper, or halibut - all healthy and safe seafood choices (either fresh or frozen). This easy baked fish is superb for everyday meals, but also wonderful enough to serve to a taste-discerning crowd. ENJOY!

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    Pan-Fried Fish with Thai Lemon-Herb Sauce
    Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt, Corp.

    This pan-fried fish recipe is melt-in-your-mouth delicious and easy to make. The fish is lightly seared in a hot pan with a little oil for 5 to 8 minutes, then topped with a simple no-cook lemon-herb Thai sauce that really complements the flavor of the fish and lets its tenderness shine through. Wonderful with rice, but equally good with potatoes, this easy fish recipe makes a great meal and is simple enough to fry up any night of the week. ENJOY!

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    Thai Baked Salmon Recipe

    This baked salmon is aromatic and delicious. Salmon steaks or fillets are baked for 20 minutes in an easy-to-make Thai red curry sauce that complements the rich taste of the salmon. But unlike a lot of salmon sauce recipes, this one is lactose-free, calling for coconut milk instead of cream. If you're game, cook or serve this salmon in a banana leaf boat (as pictured here) - "how to" link included with the recipe. ENJOY!

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    Talapia with Tamarind Sauce and Spring Onion
    Talapia with Tamarind Sauce and Spring Onion. D.Schmidt

    This baked tilapia recipe is Thai delicious and easy to make. While this same dish would be steamed in Thailand, I find baking it easier and the results just as delicious. This tilapia recipe features the dark richness of tamarind, which is a fruit that grows in many parts of Asia. Make it easy on yourself and buy the prepared tamarind paste at a Chinese, Asian, or Indian food store. The sauce is a combination of sweet and sour, with tones of chili, garlic, and ginger. Note that other types of...MORE white-fleshed fish will work with this recipe if you can't find tilapia, such as cod, sole, snapper, etc.... ENJOY!

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    Melt-in-Your-Mouth Thai Steamed Fish
    Melt-in-Your-Mouth Thai Steamed Fish. D.Schmidt

    In coastal Thailand, fresh fish is plentiful and delicious grilled or steamed in a wok. Try this steamed version combining lemongrass, galangal (or ginger), and fresh coriander for a melt-in-your-mouth taste experience. It's easy - just follow the steps!

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    Easy Thai Fish Cakes
    D.Schmidt for

    If you enjoy crab cakes, you'll love Thai fish cakes! They're more flavorful than most Western fish cake recipes, plus they're easier to make. You can serve them as an everyday dinner dish together with rice or over salad, and they're also terrific for a party (as pictured here) because they are small enough to serve as a finger food. Serve with Thai sweet chili sauce for dipping, and see how fast they disappear!


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    Thai Whole Fried or Grilled Fish
    Thai Grilled Whole Fish (Rainbow Trout was used here). Thai Grilled Rainbow Trout, courtesy of istock photo

    This classic Thai fish is very flexible - it can either be grilled outdoors or fried on your stovetop (instructions included), and you can use nearly any type of fish. In Thailand, small to medium whole fish are used for this dish, so I chose a few rainbow trout, which turned out perfectly - the taste was just as I remember it from the beaches of Thailand.  Simply delicious!

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    Lemongrass Grilled Salmon

    This Grilled Salmon with Thai Lemongrass-Coconut Sauce is just perfect for fresh salmon steaks or fillets (you can use previously frozen salmon as well). The sauce is a delightful mingling of sweet, sour, and spicy. All these flavors come together in a "lemony" blend of lemon, lemongrass, coconut milk, honey, and a dash of spice (garlic and chili) for a salmon-perfect combination. ENJOY!

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    Easy Thai Grilled Garlic Fish

    This grilled fish recipe starts with a superb garlicky barbecue sauce that's perfect for all types of fish, whether fillet or steak, salmon or sole. Marinate your fish briefly in this sauce, then simply grill it up! This easy fish recipe can also be baked in your oven if the weather doesn't cooperate. And as a bonus, it's a very healthy fish recipe that's low in fat and calories but extremely high in taste. ENJOY!

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    Wonderful Grilled Halibut in a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce!
    Wonderful Grilled Halibut in a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce!. Copyright D. Schmidt, About. com

    This Thai recipe for grilled halibut steak is easy and super-delicious! Barbecue fish isn't as difficult as it seems, especially halibut steaks, which cook easily on the grill without falling apart. The Thai marinade is put together in a matter of minutes, and as a bonus, it doubles as a glaze/dipping sauce. This halibut steak recipe makes a quick and easy meal for every day but is also elegant enough to serve at your next barbecue or cookout. Enjoy!

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    While most people associate sardines with the canned variety, "real" sardines are something else entirely. You'll love the tenderness of this easy fish recipe, which includes a dry barbecue rub slathered on the fish before grilling followed by a flavorful Thai sauce that makes this dish truly gourmet!

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    Thai Grilled Fish
    Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt, 06/07/10

    Try this easy Thai Grilled Fish Fillet Recipe for juicy, flavorful fish straight off the grill! This recipe is my version of a fish dish sold on the streets of Thailand by street vendors. Delicious as is, or serve it up with my simple "Fresh Pickle". The pickle is optional, but if you do serve it, you'll enjoy the exquisite Thai hot & cold, fresh & cooked combination of textures and flavors. Tasty and easy to make, this fish dish makes for a perfect summer meal. ENJOY!

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    Thai Grilled Salmon

    This simple recipe for grilled salmon is easy to make and tastes truly heavenly. The special Thai marinade is a perfect match for the richness of salmon, enhancing and bringing out all of its naturally succulent taste. This recipe will show you how to cook salmon easily and quickly, and includes lots of cooking tips to help you get your salmon just right.

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    Thai Golden-delicious Grilled Fish!
    D.Schmidt copyright Corp.

    Try this easy Thai Grilled Fish Fillet Recipe for juicy, flavorful fish straight off the grill! This recipe is my version of a fish dish sold on the streets of Thailand by street vendors. Delicious as is, or serve it up with my simple "Fresh Pickle". The pickle is optional, but if you do serve it, you'll enjoy the exquisite Thai hot & cold, fresh & cooked combination of textures and flavors. Tasty and easy to make, this fish dish makes for a perfect summer meal.

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    Easy Thai Fish Curry
    Copyright Darlene A. Schmidt, Corp.

    This wonderful Thai Fish Coconut Curry pops with flavor and is so delicious, you'll want to serve it next time you're entertaining. The curry sauce recipe is really easy to make from scratch - just stir together the ingredients, or blend them up in a food processor, chopper, or blender. Also contributing to this sumptuous curry are pineapple chunks, plus coconut milk and dry toasted coconut for a tropical-tasting fish curry you'll want to make again and again!

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    Grilled or Pan-Fried Salmon With Asparagus

    Thai-spiced Salmon with Asparagus
    Thai-spiced Salmon with Asparagus. D.Schmidt

    This salmon recipe starts with a sweet honey-lemongrass-ginger marinade. The salmon is then grilled or pan fried in this marinade/sauce - the same sauce that is then used to stir-fry the asparagus. Served with Thai sticky rice (see recipe link below) or Japanese sushi rice, this salmon dish looks elegant and tastes even better. Add it to your menu this week, either for your family (kids love it!) or as a party or special occasion dish for you and your friends.

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    Thai Drunken Fish
    Thai Drunken Fish. D.Schmidt

    This recipe for fried fish has quite a descriptive name: it's called "Drunken Fish" because it is usually served in Thai bars - like pub food in the West. But don't even think it tastes anything like our typical "pub grub"! In fact, this fish recipe is worthy of the term "gourmet" for all of its wonderful flavor and richness, as well as the spectacular presentation it makes. Any type of whole white fish can be used, including tilapia, sea bream, rainbow trout,...MORE snapper, etc... And accompanying the fish is an exquisite Thai sauce that's guaranteed to make your taste-buds dance all night long!